Solving "Signature not yet current" Error When Using AWS in Docker

When accessing aws in a docker container, I ran into this error.

app_1             | botocore.exceptions.ClientError: An error occurred (InvalidSignatureException) when calling the Decrypt operation: Signature not yet current: 20180131T152813Z is still later than 20180131T152519Z (20180131T152019Z + 5 min.)
cardgen_1 | DNS fwd/rev mismatch: app != lccardgenerators_app_1.lccardgenerators_default

This seems to be caused to this known issue of container time being out of sync discussed here:

To verify the assumption, go into the container by running docker exec -it container_name bash and run date:

Compare it with my computers (host of the container) clock:

The system clock of the container is off Amazon’s clock by more than 5 minutes, the maximum allowed by Amazon’s signature algorithm. This is why is causing the error.

To fix, sync the containers time at the start using ntpdate or simply restart docker.

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